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Purchasing and owning real estate in South Florida carries with it many
responsibilities that require careful attention.  

Our offices represent owners,
condominiums, corporate entities,
investors, and others regarding various areas of real estate.

We represent our clients and provide legal advice regarding partition,
foreclosure, quiet title, title disputes, lien issues, construction matters,
litigation, and other areas of real estate law.

What is Real Estate / Real Property?  Real estate and Real Property is
land, a house, homestead, a condominium unit or other
interest/ownership that is owned by one or more persons or entities.  
The word Property is sometimes used although that word is general and
could apply to personal property (a car, etc.) as opposed to property
that is an ownership pertaining to land, which is real property/real estate.

When is representation necessary?  The earlier the better since there
are many critical components of a transaction that should be carefully
reviewed with sufficient time prior to the occurrence of events or
deadlines.  When in doubt ask an attorney for advice.

What does representation do?  Documents appear to be in a final
format and may not appear to be of the nature that would allow
changes to be made; however, documents can be negotiated and
revised prior to signing and in some instances even after they are signed
an addendum can be negotiated and agreed upon.

Who provides representation?  Legal advice is provided by lawyers in a
state where the transaction or real estate is located.

What is a Partition Action?  When two or more people are on a Deed /
title to real property (land, a house, condominium unit, etc.) either of the
owners of record may file a partition action to request that such real
property be sold and divided as determined by the court.  There is not
a statute of limitations generally since it is an action in equity / fairness.  
Some limitations apply although the scope of a right to partition is
generally broad to enable a partition.

What is reformation of a deed?  When there is a mistake in the resulting
deed the court can intervene to reform/correct the deed to restore the
parties to the underlying transaction to that which should have occurred.

What is foreclosure?  Foreclosure is a court action on a lien or
mortgage to real property to sell the real property as collateral to satisfy
the lien or mortgage.  Defenses are sometimes raised as to standing,
conditions precedent or other matters that may exist.  Strict time
limitations apply.

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