Construction Defects - New Construction and Condo Conversions
Developers and converters of rental communities to condominiums
constructed numerous condominiums throughout Florida and many more are

"Turnover" and "Transition" refer to the statutorily-required transfer of control
of all or a majority of the director positions on an association's board of
directors to owners other than the developer (the word developer often also
refers to converters).

Developers and converters have financial and construction responsibilities.  
Florida law includes implied construction defect warranties upon developers
and condo converters.  

Even though converters often include language in their Declaration of
Condominium that units are without warranties and "as-is", Florida law
requires that converters fund reserve accounts for structural and other
components and that the failure to do so imputes construction defect
warranties as included with new condo construction.

Our office assists concerned owners to obtain such turnover and we
represent the board of directors following turnover to assist the board with
obtaining financial and construction experts to address and negotiate
developer and converter obligations.  

We advocate for the statutorily-required "independent audit", which must be
paid for and completed by the developer or converter through its accountant
within ninety days following turnover.  

Our office coordinates with the accountant and structural engineer and
negotiates with the developer or converter concerning financial and
construction warranties, issues and obligations.

We also represent individual and groups of owners regarding developer
deposit disputes, incentive payments due and other issues.

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