Water Infiltration Damages
Timely and Effective
Damages caused by water infiltration must be addressed with careful and timely attention.

It is recommended that persons affected by water infiltration damages retain licensed professionals such as a Certified
Industrial Hygienist to inspect such damage and determine the necessary protocol for the remediation to be
performed.  One of the accepted remediation guidelines is the New York City Guidelines on Mold Remediation.

It is important to ensure that the source of the water intrusion is properly corrected to abate further water intrusion.  
Often in
condominiums, it is necessary to coordinate with the Board of Directors to ensure that necessary roof
replacement and/or roof repairs are timely and properly performed.

Following the abatement of the source of water intrusion, mold testing and the development of a remediation protocol
by an experienced professional, licensed contractors perform the necessary demolition and remediation.

The professionals then perform a clearance test to ensure that the mold levels indoors do not exceed that of outdoors.  
Thereafter, the drywall will ensure that the studs, beams, trusses and other areas beyond the drywall are intact. The
drywall contractor will then rebuild the drywall.

Condo Boards of Directors and unit owners should refer to the definitions of the boundaries of the units.

Upon the discovery of damages caused by water infiltration and/or a hurricane or other storm, associations and owners
should locate all insurance policies, contact an attorney and the insurance carrier.  A policy holder's
insurance claim is
known as first party insurance whereas a claim against another owner and/or their insurer is known as third party
insurance claims.

It is recommended for each person facing these difficult issues to consult with an experienced attorney.


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