Insurance Claims
Upon the discovery of damages caused by water infiltration and/or a hurricane or other storm, associations and
owners should locate all insurance policies, contact an attorney and the insurance carrier.  A policy holder's
insurance claim is known as first party insurance whereas a claim against another owner and/or their insurer is
known as third party insurance claims.

Insurance policies sometimes do not cover mold damage and require an additional premium for such coverage,
pursuant to recent Florida law.  It is important to cooperate with insurers; however, consult with an attorney
whenever you have questions.  

Insurance policies also commonly include a requirement for a claimant to submit a dispute to an appraisal process
whereby the insurer and owner each appoint their own appraiser and both meet without attorneys with an umpire
to determine whether there is liability warranting an award, and if so, the amount of the award.  

Smaller claims such as with condo unit owners sometimes have pre-suit mediation whereby the insurer and the
insured meet with a neutral third person who assists the parties with reaching an amicable resolution to the claim.

It is recommended for each person facing these difficult issues to consult with an experienced attorney.


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