Prior to founding this firm in 2007, Andrew C. Demos, Esq., dedicated the vast majority of his legal representation to
construction issues and condominium matters that involve construction.

Considering the maintenance and ongoing requirements for high-rise structures including condominiums it is not surprising
that our firm focuses a large portion of its practice to construction issues including:
*        Contract drafting, Addenda and Negotiations;
*        Claims;
*        Disputes;
*        Condo Converter Requirements;
*        Developer Turnover Reports, Construction Defects and Statutory Requirements;
*        Water Infiltration
Damages Affecting Condominium Units and other Structures
*        Litigation;
*        Arbitration; and
*        Mediation

Our office routinely assists contractors, businesses, owners, boards of directors of condominiums, owners and others with
the above issues and determination of causation and responsibility for the costs and performance of remedial repairs.  

We assist with the handling of construction contracts, defects, claims, litigation, arbitration and other matters concerning
projects including but not limited to, roof replacement, balcony concrete restoration, plumbing, structural, electrical,
HVAC / mechanical, pool resurfacing, drywall replacement, mold remediation and all other areas.

When an owner and/or board receives a Notice to Owner, they should carefully review same with their legal counsel to
determine the appropriate course of action to take, if any, and the owner should ensure that they keep such information
within their records during the course and scope of the work, progress payments and final payment.  The purpose of the
Notice to Owner is to provide direct notice of the presence of the persons not in direct "privity" of contract with the
owner.  The Notice to Owner allows the owner to avail itself/himself/herself of the statutory remedies of being able to
request further information from the direct contractor, and to ensure that payments are made to all subcontractors,
laborers and others as set forth in Ch. 713., when the contractor fails to make payment

Before signing a construction contract, allow Andrew C. Demos, P.A., to review the contract, confirm licensing,
incorporation and other issues and draft an addendum to the contract.

Mr. Demos' worked in a condominium law firm as a managing attorney where Mr. Demos frequently assisted
condominiums with concrete restoration projects, roofing projects, delay claims, developer-turnover construction defect
resolution, pool damage and repairs, seawall repairs, demolition, remediation, rebuilding and other construction.

Mr. Demos also gained experience representing developers in the planning and development phase of condominium
construction through post-turnover litigation, disputes with subcontractors and suppliers and other issues.

Construction defect claims with high profile South Florida developers are resolved with success through the careful
planning and attention provided by Mr. Demos.

Thus, Andrew C. Demos, P.A., is likely to be the best choice to assist you with your construction law needs.


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